Why This? Why Now?

I haven’t had much luck keeping a blog going for very long. I’ve had at least three that I can remember, and each one went through the same cycle: initial, tepid interest; eventual disregard; deletion.

I still have a somewhat-active site going, my New York Occasional Photos blog. Things have been slow there, though, since my camera lens malfunctioned.

So why another blog? Because this time I’m expanding the scope. The previous blogs have all been on one topic — topics that I’m not an expert on either, just topics I’m interested in.

I got the idea to do this after participating in discussions in the Comments section of EVGrieve. There’s been a lot of chatter there lately regarding a 7-11 store opening on the corner of Avenue A and East 11th Street. After seeing that there was no clear understanding of what gentrification is, or what fuels it, or even the of history of the “East Village,” I decided to start this blog.

Once I made that decision, I started piling on other ideas I’ve had lately too. I had intended to read Eric Hobsbawm’s Age of … series and post snippets from them on Facebook. I almost went as far as to declare this as a New Year’s resolution! I have the set of four books (Age of Revolution, Age of Capital, Age of Empire, and Age of Extremes). I read Age of Revolution a few years ago but, as with blogs, something else got in the way of my completing starting them.

But I don’t really like Facebook, and I didn’t make the declaration, and I haven’t start reading them yet, because: 1) I am not finished with Bully For Brontosaurus, by Stephen Jay Gould, and; 2) I need to re-read Neil Smith’s book The New Urban Frontier for my gentrification posting.

I hope that answers your question.


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