Young People

This post is a diversion from working on my bodega-walk post.

I don’t know if this is the right title: Young People. What I’m about to describe is something young people do, but I don’t know if it’s an essential characteristic. Maybe a better title would be: Young People With Day Jobs Who Live In New York City And Take The Subway To Work. The reason I’m satisfied removing everything after “Young People” from the longer title is that of all of these possibly-qualifying events, it’s pretty much only young people that do what it is that I’m about to describe. And that thing is:

When young people with day jobs who live in New York City and take the subway to work go onto the subway platform, and they see that there are a lot of people already waiting — or even if there are not a lot of people waiting when they arrive, but the train doesn’t come right away and a lot of people eventually do fill the platform — when the train finally does arrive, and is packed with all of the young people with day jobs from the stations before, they squeeze themselves into the car.

What they will learn, if they stay in New York past the five-year mark,* is that there will be another train directly behind the crowded, lead train, that will be almost empty. If they wait for just another two minutes, they will not only not have to squeeze themselves into the car, but they will be able to sit down! And when they arrive at their destination, the people from the train ahead of them will still be filing out of the station, all the worse for wear.**


*I heard it said once that most people who move to New York City will leave within five years, and that those who do not will never leave.
**This does not apply to the L train, which is always ridiculously crowded.


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