Swedish House Mafia

I’m adding a new tag today: Swedish House Mafia. Why, you ask?

I recently did a search on Google for “shmnyc”, to see what would turn up. I discovered there was a group (or band, or “crew”) called Swedish House Mafia, that some people abbreviate as SHM:


I guess shmnyc refers to when the Swedish House Mafia plays in New York City. Kids these days, with their txtspk! It’s bad enough that smh is a dyslexic ordering of my initials.

Why do I bring this up? It’s not as if sharing initials with some pop band is uncommon, or even worth mentioning. It’s that I get tweets attempting to reference them, such as:

So as a bonus feature for my readers, I will post these whenever I get them. It’s probably not as interesting as Kenneth Goldsmith reading the fan mail he got that was intended for Kenny G, back when he was at WFMU, but hey… you get what you get, and you don’t get upset.


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