‘No 7-Eleven NYC’ Comes Clean

Finally! It was like pulling teeth!

Since shortly after their inception, I have maintained that No 7‑Eleven NYC is a group of people whose activities promote the interests of small businesses in the “East Village”. Nothing could have been more obvious from their literature. Yet when I raised the issue, here and on other forums, they denied it fervently. It was strange, but that’s what they did.

Well finally, in an email discussion I’ve been having with one of their leaders, they admit it:


So galling must it have been for them to admit this that they followed up immediately with:


What I’ve written about them (12 out of a total of 45 posts) has been opposed to, not so much their aims as, the limitations of their aims. 7‑Eleven opening up was an opportunity to examine existing social relations in the neighborhood. I seized that opportunity; they didn’t. They could have shone a light on conditions of workers at bodegas, as I did. They could have examined why the choices were limited to 7‑Elevens and bodegas, as I did. Instead they ignored it all, focusing on superficialities and nativist fears.

I could be wrong, but I have the feeling that now that they’ve stepped forward and admitted their class bias, I’ll probably write less about them. They will go on promoting the interests of small-business owners over both their employees as well as their competitors (how will they do this when one bodega threatens another?), and I will continue to promote the interests of the workers. Once 7‑Eleven moves in, I will advocate for the people who work there, the way No 7‑Eleven NYC does not advocate for the people who work in bodegas.


But wait! What’s this?:


They’re going to start concerning themselves with labor? Hmmm, maybe I will keep writing about them.

See you in the salt mine.

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  1. Cartknocker
    Apr 25, 2013 @ 06:14:53

    As an absolute believer in your position in to to the wage inequality and treatment of bodega workers (with an appreciation of your voice) AND a peripheral participant of the N711 movement (I’m responsible or one of the stickers floating out there), I must assert that your concerns NEED to connect to N711’s. Your strong rhetoric — clear and insightful — ought not alienate those opposed to the influx of soul-sucking chains. It’s all bad! And it all has to change. Instead of anticipating your support of the new workers destined for the neon establishment, you should outrightly oppose these corporate feed bags as a way of protecting these workers from the bland entities. Quilas, keeping these chains out of the EV is a win for your cause (and those, like me, who believe in your cause). N711’s target is narrower than yours; but in no way does that mean you can’t coexist. Sure, ideally, N711 should help to shine a light on conditions — but that’s not their goal. That’s yours. Perhaps, with continued convincing, not attacking, N711 will see your light and transition their energies, once they win their battle, to supporting this other crisis. I will. It’s ALL for the greater good of our ‘hood and its people.


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