Luxury Listings NYC – May/June

First, let me say I was very disappointed that the current issue of Luxury Listings NYC was not delivered to my door, as the past two were. Instead, a stack of them was left in front of the mailboxes in the lobby, wrapped in a rubber band. I didn’t even find the one with our name on it, just two addressed to others in the building. I’m going to contact The Real Deal, which publishes Luxury Listings NYC, and bring this to their attention.

I don’t need the paper copy for my purposes, though. The online version is better for making screen shots. Still, I want it in front of my door.

For those who didn’t read my last installment, or for those who want to be reminded: Luxury Listings NYC promotes every neighborhood-commodity in Manhattan below 110th Street: Upper East Side; Upper West Side; Midtown; Gramercy; Chelsea; Greenwich Village; Soho; Tribeca; Lower East Side; and Financial District. Every section has a “Celeb real estate in the neighborhood” listing too, telling which celebrities live in that neighborhood! (Who doesn’t want to live near celebrities?!) And as it is almost Summer, this issue has a section on the Hamptons and the North Fork of Long Island. I don’t have any screen shots of those though because, frankly, they just weren’t that interesting. The next issue, which I expect to see in front of my door in July, will certainly report on the merry-making decadence going on there, and I might comment then.

So, let’s get on with this!

I said something very similar to this just the other day. “$100 million is the new black,” I said. Really.

Silly Luxury Listings NYC. It’s not supply and demand, it’s 7-Eleven! (But really, it’s not supply and demand. That doesn’t explain anything.)

It’s beyond human control. This is what they’d have people believe. It’s an immutable law of physics. Supply and demand is the new black hole.

Anything they want to inure us to?
You might find them scary too, but relax!

And finally:
Certainly not! Privilege is privilege! It doesn’t stop when you come home.


Here’s a look at some of the places for sale.

Too much white.

Too much purple.

Who lives here, a monk? Do these people not own a single book? This place is crying out for something to be dropped on the floor.

It looks like Quilas, no?


OK, finally we get to my neighborhood. There’s really only one thing to report, and it’s a doozy! Check this out:

Two groups?! Does Luxury Listings NYC employ fact checkers? Do they think Quilas is some kind of petite bourgeois outfit, too? I can’t have been doing my job very well, if that’s that case. I have to contact The Real Deal about this (separately from my request to resume delivering my copy of the magazine to my door).


Finally, I leave you with a song:

It doesn’t make a difference
if we make it or not
We’ve got each other
and that’s a lot

$42 million is the old black!

1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. banana
    May 17, 2013 @ 07:02:53

    Wait, I thought it was giong to lower property value, both commercial and residential for current owners/property managers what with all the transients its 24 hour service would attract (no joke I got that from a quote on their website), but now it will increase property value for potential buyers and renters?

    It seems like the nature of property managers and owners alike (both in business or not) to be circuitous about their true intent, because it’s such an ugly truth what near anyone will do to bump up their assets (the FHA probably also contributes). And to the extent nauseating behavior is valuable, it’s only because it speaks such dirty truths about consumer preferences. They jump ahead of consumer preferences, but only maybe 5%. Real number there.


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