Class Struggle on Avenue A

So, 7‑Eleven on Avenue A and 11th Street finally opened for business on October 30, 2013, and in less than a week’s time, “No 7-Eleven NYC” (N7E) began attacking their workers on Twitter:


And from their blog:


The claim that 7-Eleven employees are harassing local businesses comes from one of their supporters: the owner of the Hi-Fi bar, across the street (red highlighting mine):


N7E and Co. has never been judicious with the truth. They have attempted to use everything and anything they find as a cudgel against 7-Eleven, from ministers leading campaigns against the store because it sells beer, to claims that 7-Eleven is a “crime magnet” due to the fact that 24-hour 7-Elevens in isolated areas have been robbed, to claims that the city’s attempted soda cap would give 7-Eleven unfair advantage over restaurants and movie theaters! They laud bodegas that over-charge for expired merchandise and make the bulk of their money from selling cigarettes, beer, and lottery tickets in poor neighborhoods.

Yeah, bitch! Bodegas!

It defies reason to accuse the workers of 7-Eleven of this. To begin with, the workers at the new 7-Eleven are new to this hoopla. They haven’t been around since the time of the Hurricane Sandy planning session; they didn’t take the job and immediately join the fray. Secondly, their manager isn’t going to let them leave the store while they’re on the clock, especially to create mischief on the block.

I went into the 7-Eleven yesterday and spoke with a worker there. She told me the story of the owner of Hi-Fi coming in and confronting her. When she told him it wasn’t anyone from there, he became more confrontational. She also told me that most local businesses owners have been very friendly, and wished them well.

Once again, N7E rears its petite-bourgeois head. Attacking big businesses on the one hand, and workers on the other. These are the people who claim the mantle of resistance in the neighborhood.


Why would they even make this claim? Apart from the fact that they’ve never bothered with being honest, maybe it’s because this is exactly what they do!

Thursday, Oct 31


Sunday, Nov 3

Monday, Nov 4
EV Grieve reported that someone inside the store revised the N7E skull sign.

Later, he reported that someone outside the store destroyed the revised skull sign.

Friday, Nov 8

The accusations come easily to them because the actions themselves come easily to them.


Back in August, in response to the assertion that the 7-Eleven on Avenue A “targets only non-local foot traffic coming to the bars on A,” I responded “It’ll be people in the neighborhood who shop there, watch and see.”

What does N7E say?



I’ve made it a point to pass by there more often recently, to see who is going in, and just as I predicted, it’s neighborhood people. Mostly young mothers and children, mostly Black and Hispanic. In my two times entering the store, and the many times I’ve pass recently, I’ve noticed that the employees are also either Black or Hispanic! Of course, these people are not even on the radar of the all-White N7E!

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. mike stuto
    Nov 12, 2013 @ 13:09:52

    Please note that I never said that 7/11 or its employees were harassing me or my bar. They have done nothing of the kind. The statement after the one you highlighted in red shows that I do empathize with these employees. They are just doing their job. I complained to the at least one N7E person about their characterization of what I wrote. You will also not that I distanced myself from some oft their efforts as “less than dignified”. I have never attended their meetings and they do not speak for me. Still, the majority of them have lived her for decades.

    I did become confrontational (verbally, not physically) when I went into the store to ask about people tearing down my sign(s). It did not start out that way, but when I asked if they knew anything about it the first answer I got was “you don’t have any proof that we had anything to do with that”… This did not sound like a denial and it got my collar up. From there the conversation devolved and I regret that Iost my temper. My cameras show the sign-stealer coming directly from the 7/11 store, so I don’t think I was out of line to ask if they knew anything about it. I have no proof that the store or its employees had a direct role in this, but I do know that several groups of young teens have tried to take the signs down from inside my establishment. Seems odd that they would all take it upon themselves to do this, but odd things happen all the time. It proves nothing.

    Again, I regret losing my temper with those employees that morning. It, too, was undignified.

    Your attempt to make this racial is a bit misguided. For me at least, race and class have nothing to do with it. I have supported local Latin owned businesses for the 25 years I’ve lived in this neighborhood. Not many local African-Americans or Latinos have patronized my business in the 20 years I’ve worked on this block, but I can’t say that has anything to do with the color of my skin or the portion of my background that is European.


    Mike Stuto
    HiFi Bar


  2. mike stuto
    Nov 12, 2013 @ 13:45:13

    sorry for all the typos. Guess I did not do a very good job proofing.


  3. Anon
    Nov 14, 2013 @ 14:12:14

    Good job attributing so many random anti 711 sentimenta and anon comments to No 7-11. I bet they’re responsible for the pigeon poop in the park too.


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