Overheard Conversations

[This is part of the Release the Kraken! series.]

One of the Categories I created when I first set up Quilas was “Overheard Conversations”. These were to be snippets of people’s conversations out of context, the way they are when you pass someone who is talking. I didn’t pursue this category, though. Maybe I will going forward.

* * *

January 21, 2013
Overheard on Avenue C

    She looks better than her being a female, but she’s still ugly.

* * *

January 22, 2013
Overheard at MoMA

    The Scream is the scream of desperate isolation in industrial society.

[This wasn’t really overheard — it was spoken to me by a friend,
when we went to see The Scream at MoMA.]

* * *

March 16, 2013
Natalie du Prés Says

Regarding the book “The Collins Family in America”:

    “Josette, I don’t understand it. What I don’t understand, I run from.
    Is that wrong?”

[This wasn’t overheard either — it was just funny. I was watching the old Dark Shadows TV show during this time.]


Release the Kraken!

Well, it might not be as dramatic as that. The Kraken in this case is the body of unfinished pieces in my Drafts folder — mentioned in Adding Insult to Injury — that I’m releasing today. By the end of the day, I hope to publish or delete everything that I don’t intend to work on further.

For your convenience:

Adding Insult to Injury

During this time when I’m not working on any of the 41 pieces in my Drafts folder, I will pass on this story from last week’s Guardian.

The Job Centre bar “promises upmarket pub food in an atmosphere of quirky design features inspired by its function as a place that once served the unemployed.” The actual job center, located in a part of London with a high level of unemployment, was closed in 2010.

    “The bar’s name and its interior design suggest that you want potential clientele to understand that your bar is for the new people moving into Deptford, for whom job centres are a joke, and not the existing residents of Deptford, for whom job centres are often a necessity …” – Jane Elliott, Lewisham People Before Profit

In the “East Village,” where there are no job centers, gentrifying bars took names like Downtown Beirut, celebrating the Israeli bombardment of 1982.


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