The Outside World Breaks In

I was walking around last night when I happened upon this scene, over on Second Avenue:


I spoke with the driver of the car while they were stopped at the store on the corner. He told me a five-borough caravan passed through the neighborhood on Monday, and another earlier in the month. I waited for them to leave, to capture the flag flying instead of drooping at the side.

I find it strange that, with all the local blogs and newspapers and their armies of contributors, no mention of this has been made. There’s a piece in this week’s Villager about some of the rallies around the city, but it’s mostly meant to denigrate the organizers of these rallies — who, by the way, insisted on including the Palestinian struggle as part of every demonstration they’ve organized for at least the past ten years, and whom I would say were vitally important in keeping Palestine in people’s minds during the time when other groups wanted to exclude it.

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