The Bendy Tree Memorial, Part 2

September 29

I said earlier “If it had just been a farewell to the tree, I’d have thought it was silly enough to do at night, but not worth commenting on.”

So this memorial was not held at night. That’s in its favor.

It was seriously wacked out though. You would never know we were living in the beginning years of the 21st century!

* * *

There were two circuses this day!

Circus Amok in Tompkins Square Park

One of them was definitely more fun!

* * *

September 30

The spirits are angry! One of them is, anyway. Someone must have committed heresy at the bendy tree memorial, and vengeance was swift. Within hours of the memorial, this willow tree in El Jardin de Paraiso was ripped asunder.

Vengeance is mine, sayeth some aggrieved spirit.

Where the heretics were meant to be standing.

Oh, what has been unleashed upon us? Only the sacred words from the long-lost rune stone can save us now!

Oh Wah!
Tah Gooh!

Say this repeatedly and you will attain enlightenment.

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