“Quinn Doesn’t Win”

This is a follow-up to “NYC Community Media” Endorsements.

There’s a little more variation between the five papers in how the election results are covered than there was with the endorsements, but in the Mayor’s race The Villager and The East Villager are without doubt the worst:

The Villager

The East Villager

“Quinn Doesn’t Win”. That’s how they announce the results of the election. Quinn didn’t just not win, Quinn came in third place!

These headlines only make sense if you know (as readers of Quilas do) that NYCCM endorsed Quinn in each of their five newspapers. To someone who didn’t know that, it would make no sense at all. That’s some serious wound licking!

At least they acknowledge that a vote for Quinn was a vote for a continuation of Bloomberg. I wonder if they realize they did that?

And finally, has anyone ever seen a semicolon in a headline before?


They don’t do much better in their other newspapers, either:

Chelsea Now

They name the winner this time, skip the second place contender, and run the story with a photo of Quinn.

Finally, they get it right:

Gay City News

There’s got to be some connection between The Villager and The East Villager being the only papers in the stable to endorse a Republican candidate, and neither of them mentioning DeBlasio in their lead stories. I don’t know what it is yet, but I’m going to keep an eye on this as the general election approaches.


I mentioned that NYCCM only endorsed Daniel Squadron in one of their newspapers (Gay City News). I wasn’t sure why that was, but after seeing how they reported his race, I can see they must feel pretty ambivalent about him:

The East Villager

Does anyone know if that’s Squadron’s hand?

Their photo in The Villager (the only other paper where they mention this race) is better. The problem is that they’re taking 6×4 (1.5:1) photos and using them in 8×3 (2.67:1) layouts. It worked with the Quinn photo above (if you look, the right and left edges are the same; it’s the top and bottom that are cropped in the wider photo), and it might have worked in the Squadron photo if they had paid attention! Like this, for example: