L.E.S. Dwellers

I came across a somewhat-new organization this morning: L.E.S. Dwellers:


Like Quilas, they’re all over the place. Their main web site provides very little information. From there, though, you can connect to their blog, but to get this this page, you have to know someone!

I’m sympathetic to their plight — you can see photos of the area where they live, Hell Square (from their web site):


but the way they voice their opposition to Soho House, they’re shooting themselves in the foot:


Are they trying to attract supporters, or alienate them?1

Despite this (or rather, because of this), I followed the link to sign up for their mailing list (I put the fields side-by-side so it wouldn’t be so long):


Fourteen required fields! Ridiculous. Searching around a bit, I found another way to sign onto their mailing list, but how much searching do they expect from people? I was able to do it because work is slow today.


1 Don’t even get me started on their ridiculously-tight leading!

* It’s interesting to see that “Eurotrash” is its own category, separate from Jimmy Choo stiletto girls, newly-minted tech-set, B-list models, I-bankers disguised in Thomas Pink and Gucci loafers, trust fund wannabe hipsters, expense account ad men, and label whores!